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new industrial plant

The new Sarubbi Meat Processing Plant is located on a large 10-hectare site, with more than 10,000 square meters of factory located on Coronel Raíz street. The plant has the latest machinery and technology brought mainly from Europe, which allows us to further improve the quality of the production processes and to make it more efficient.

This new design creates optimal production flows, making it the only factory in the country to have an official Haccp system (a systematic preventive process to ensure food safety) backed by the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishery.

All this makes us the only plant in Uruguay that meets the most demanding quality standards, making it the only one qualified for export in our country.

meat processing plant

Our slaughtering plant is located in a strategic place of Montevideo. The plant constantly performs the slaughtering of cattle as well as the processing of meat with and without bone. It is equipped with the most modern technology in each of the different processes of industrialization, paying particular attention to the care and preservation of the environment.

The production is destined both for internal supply as for the industry and export and we have the national and international authorizations that allow us to sell in the most demanding markets.

The direct purchase of the cattle used, as well as our own slaughtering plant, guarantee that all products are made with the best raw materials and in maximum hygienic conditions, always resulting in products recognized for their excellent quality.

All this places Frigorífico Sarubbi in a privileged spot among other companies in the sector.

nowadays, the company owns the only plant authorized for export in our country and produces excellent quality products that are well-known by its clients since long ago.

Planta Sarubbi
Planta Sarubbi